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We’re small business owners, just like you. And we’re sisters! We created these TikTok courses to help you learn how to scale a new channel faster and more efficiently.

We've poured our real-world expertise into this course to teach you everything we wish we knew before starting out on TikTok Shop.


We're Lizzy and Becca

As each of us has developed separate product-based businesses, each scaling to millions of dollars in revenue, we've shared insights and lessons learned along the journey. We understand firsthand the value of having a supportive ally in business, which is why we're excited to extend that support to you.

Lizzy brings a wealth of experience in product marketing, having navigated multiple ventures from her early days at Google in Silicon Valley to her most recent eCommerce endeavor, Curious Baby. Her expertise spans design, marketing, storytelling, and advertising.

Becca's journey began in the finance world of New York City before she embarked on her entrepreneurial path with her first product-based venture, UnbuckleMe, alongside our mom in Houston. Their success took them to Shark Tank, where they were offered deals by all five sharks. Now, Becca is focused on launching new products under the UnbuckleMe brand and is the driving force behind the company's engaging TikTok presence.

Though we both run businesses centered around product sales, we also share a commitment to mentorship and education.

Throughout this course, keep in mind that we're not self-proclaimed gurus. We're real entrepreneurs who have experienced the highs and lows of small business ownership, and we're eager to share our journey with you.

Together with our brands on TikTok Shop alone, we've scaled to over $300K in revenue while reaching more than 125M viewers through organic traffic. And we know that you can do the exact same thing if you put our course to work for you. Ready for more sales? Let's dive in, and we'll show you exactly how we've achieved our success together!


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